Important Announcement


For the past month, I’ve been unavailable. I’ve kind of put WordPress on the back-burner, instead focusing on a small project of mine. Starting here on WordPress put the inspiration in me to reignite an old project that has been in development for a few years, and I can gladly say it’s near completion.

Since September of 2009 I have been working on a short story, developing ideas for something that I wanted people to take seriously and get into. At that time I never wrote a short story before, so I was aiming for nothing but darkness for awhile. I wanted to write a story about, what else, zombies. Yes, I know, it’s becoming irritably overrated in today’s world. But it feels necessary right now to write out my vision of the zombie lore.

Before The Walking Dead aired on television screens, there’s been this idea in my head that I felt needed to be told. And it still does. I won’t go into too much detail about the vision as a whole, but I can offer a simple synopsis for anyone who may be interested.

Much like The Walking Dead, the core idea of this story is to focus on characters and emotions. The quote-on-quote “zombies” are more like that ominous threat that looms in the background and push the characters to achieve their goals, but also force them to choose between their own safety and their own self-preservation. It sounds like typical zombie fair when I mention it, but I went as far as I could possibly go to make it unique.

One of my favorite shows of all time is Lost, and what made the show visionary were the flashbacks of all the main characters (even some supporting characters). The flashbacks made the viewers understand and love, hate, like, and loathe the characters for who they were, but it also revealed who they were and who they would become later on in the show. I was inspired by the flashback idea and wondered, “what if someone added flashbacks in zombie fiction, and put a completely new angle on how we view characters surviving in a zombie apocalypse?” The idea sounded amazing when I first thought of it in 2009, but not long after The Walking Dead aired, I was demotivated because someone took from an original source material and started a TV show off an amazing idea. Even if they didn’t fully utilize the flashback idea, it still remained one of the most engaging dramas in current television.

Fast-forward three years later, I have gone through dozens of drafts, beginning stages, and character arcs to find a proper start for the short story. I went through at least six different openings, with each one sounding less and less believable. I felt like my project was never going to get the legs I wanted it to walk on. Up until last April, I finally found the much needed opening I’ve so desperately searched for. And 24 pages and a total of four years later, I have breathed life into my project. It still has a week’s worth of editing to go through, but it will OFFICIALLY be done on March 15th of 2013.

One reason why I delayed so much with this project was the thought of it being ignored and passed by, with hardly any attention given to it. I don’t strive to have everyone praise it or hate it, only to know that there is another amateur and upcoming author out there who wants his work to be known. Four years later and after all the pessimism, I feel like it’s ready to be seen by anyone who wants to see it for themselves. I would never have released it knowing it wasn’t yet ready to be seen, and now I know it’s time to reveal my baby.

Here, on WordPress, I am sending the word out: for anyone who wants to read my short story, please email me at and I will send you a RTF file of my story to you as soon as possible. I’m not looking for people to praise it, I’m only looking for willing people to invest time into reading it and giving me an honest critique.

Once I have completed the editing stage on the 15th, I will send out copies to anyone who has emailed me. Thanks once again.

– Ryan


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