A Book For Your Thoughts: What the Greatness of Reading Can Achieve

Disclaimer: Due to all the activity that has been taking place over recent weeks, I’ve delayed my posts for quite some time.

Who else can agree that books are amazing? More than just amazing, I would think. More like essential to understanding everything that revolves around this thing we call life. Anyone who has picked up a book, magazine, read an online article, or bibliography will get the idea. Reading, to me, is that barrier of knowledge that is constantly updated and refreshed due to every reading source that is read and absorbed. There is so much that reading can accomplish in one’s life and education, and that is a proven fact.

My personal experience of reading has been one incredible journey thus far. Currently, I own over 300+ books in my collection and they cover a wide range of genres and stories. Almost every week I add an additional two or three books to my ever-expanding collection, mainly because, yes, I’m a pack rat when it comes to books. I don’t know why I constantly buy books because I’m always behind in reading. When I’m reading one, I buy ten more before finishing it. It’s almost like I’m overwhelmed by I don’t care. The reasoning is I like having that power in the palm of my hand. That when I’m reading one selection from my wide collection, I always think about all the other books waiting to be read, and it’s a monumental feeling knowing that it’s all there waiting to be read at my command. I’d like to compare it to being a millionaire and having more money than you can spend, but it’s still there when you need it whenever you want it. That’s how amazing my collection of books is to me; that no matter how big it gets or overwhelming it may seem, it’s still a vast amount of power that just keeps growing and growing.

Of course, when I was a kid I hated reading. I found it to be pointless and believed it wasn’t need in life when there were more important things to do. But over time, I started to shift away from that stupid belief and planted my nose firmly between the opening spine of a book rather the computer. And trust me, it was an excellent transformation. Because of reading, my English skills have improved on a huge scale and my spelling and grammar has been praised by teachers. When I started my career at my first college, Kankakee Community College, my English, History, and Science teachers said my grammar and English levels were already at a +300 college level, which makes a difference when I was already attending a community college that required a 150. All thanks to reading.

Some of my friends usually point out “books shouldn’t be recommended, only optional”. While that may be true in some cases, they should never be just an option.

Since books are just as big a part of my life as anything else, I will, on occasion, post reviews of certain books in my personal collection from time to time. Just keep in mind that reading a book here and there is never a crime; it’s more of an open welcoming.

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