Film Hub: A Perspective On Film

If there’s one thing I always talk about more than video games and books, it’s movies. Movies are like an addiction to me. I strive to watch and analyze as many as I possibly can, and let everyone else know afterwards. It’s just in my nature. To be quite honest I really don’t remember the actual date or time when I first started caring so much about film. It just…clicked. This next blog with go a little in-depth with the subject of film and how I am so drawn to it.

Back when Lego’s were the fad and Cartoon Network was in full swing, I swiftly watched animated film after animated film. Anything Disney or Pixar threw out, I enjoyed. Then it shifted to some of the late ’90’s action and monster films, such as Godzilla, Independence Day, Deep Blue Sea, and such. The ’90’s was a captivating era for film to me because not only does it bring back the most sacred of memories, but it defined my generation. And I know I’m not the only one that believes that; someone else has to be with me on this. But anyways, ’90’s films were groundbreaking back then because they didn’t rely too heavily on seriousness or believability (except for Disney and Pixar films, they were always one step ahead of the game when it came to being serious).  That was then, and the now is a much different battleground. We now live in a world where film has completely changed the way we view our media and cultures. More dedicated directors have stepped to the plate to bring us some of the most memorable films of the century, while others brought us some of the most laughable. Quite frankly, I’m glad to be here witnessing this generation in film, as much as I was back in the ’90’s. I don’t think it’s as memorable or full of remembrance, of course, but I do believe it was its own set of skills that were obviously not present back in the old days. Advancements in camera and computer technology have far exceeded what was originally used back in the ’90’s (even way before that even). I myself still prefer the good ‘ol practical effects myself, but some CG doesn’t hurt here and there. But even still, our generation has seen a drastic change in how film is operated, managed, developed, and displayed.

This post is in no way shape or form complaining about the differences between the old days and the present; I’m merely stating how different each setting is from one another and how beneficial it is that film has evolved as such as it is now. Sure, we still get excellent films from Disney and Pixar (more Pixar than anything else), but they’re further enhanced by how far we’ve come.

The object of care of this topic is one of gratitude; I am grateful of how film has succeeded its own barriers and how it still manages to surprise people year after year.

I’ve discussed my view on the changes of film over the years, now I want to get into why I care. I care because, without film, I believe none of use would be who we are. There is always going to be that one film, or several in fact, that we can connect ourselves too in one way or another. There is always going to be that comparison in a film’s story or character that we can say “I can see myself in that person’s shoes” or “that film totally reminded me of how my life is!” That’s the ability of movie magic. It does exist, but not in ways some people would think. It is true that movie magic is how great and splendid a film is from a film-lover’s point of view, but true movie magic is when it makes you compare and contrast everything else around us to what is actually happening in the film. That’s when you know the film has done its job. Most of my favorite films are on my top lists because of this reason, that I see the messages behind them and how they pull them off. How they connect themselves with current events that are happening now or making you believe in the characters of the film for how real and sensible they are.

Much like video games, film is an art. Everything about them is an art. The storytelling, the directing, screenwriting, CG, practical effects, acting, costume design, setting, etc. It’s all a part of art. And I love it so much. Now you see my fascination with film and why I am so into it. It’s a plethora of knowledge and happiness just waiting to be explored and analyzed. And that’s just the beginning.

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