A New Beginning Hence Forth

It seems like years since I first began searching for a method for which to publish my work. It certainly feels like the effort has caught up to me. But here I am, finally publishing on WordPress.

My name is Glenn. Ryan Glenn. Sorry, but I’ve always wanted to borrow from James Bond’s persona as an introductory. Anyways, my name is Ryan and I’m a writer. Not a famous writer or one who earns a living off posting on the internet. This is actually my first time posting something on my own customized blog, even if it took so long to find one to stick to. Perhaps I was always nervous to post my interests? Or maybe it has something to do with my fear of people not taking me seriously? I’ll never fully know.

But as it stands, I’m blogging as I type and as you (possibly) are reading this. I always told myself that if I could manage to have someone read something I put my time into writing and get credit for it, that I would call it a success. Sure, I have a small personal fan base that loves to read what I type and print out, but what about the people around the world that I want to give the ability of reading it? What about them? Blogging, of course! And what would I be blogging, you say?

I have a precise amount of topics that I’d love to blog and share to everyone; they range from three main topics. They list as:

Film: I’m an avid film lover, capable of watching anything and giving an honest opinion afterwards. I’ve always been fascinated with film itself because it’s such an intricate thing to talk about and analyze, as much as it is making the actual film in terms of its complexity. Over the years I’ve written numerous reviews from all sorts of different genres; I’m not bias but I’m unbiased as well; I won’t stick up to a film that is obviously trash and I won’t fully defend a film that I love and receives as much praise as it did from critics. I’m straight to the point but also very in-depth with how I view each film. I normally review in terms of story, acting, themes, presentation,  and sometimes even DVD/Blu-ray specs.

Video Games: Much like film, I’m also gamer. Not a huge, self-indulged gamer that plays everything in sight and goes for the Guinness World Record for Most Achievements Earned or Most Time Playing A Game. I’m a more toned-down gamer, willing to expand the horizons. I love games that take original ideas and formulate a whole game out of that core idea. I usually play 3-4 games at once, from both the Xbox 360 and PS3. I don’t often touch PC games or Wii (unfortunately). When I finish a game, I normally discuss it with my friends (or in some cases play it with them). And often times I will get into debates with them as well, and I mean SERIOUS debates that would seem so pointless to some but yet it’s very personal to us. They ain’t the record-setting kind of gamers either, and even though we don’t set off for records we play and discuss for the love of the game. Pun intended.

Books: On top of all I revealed so far, I’m ALSO a huge reader of virtually any and everything. It don’t matter what genre it is or how long or short it may be, I will end up flipping through those pages and getting absorbed into it. I prefer fantasy for the most part, but I also get involved with science fiction, mystery thrillers, religious fiction, romance, etc. The only thing I don’t touch is comic books; and take it from me being a nerd/geek, I’m ashamed that I don’t. Although I’m quite possibly the biggest Batman-freak ever and love Marvel and DC, I don’t touch comic books, odd it may be.

These three main topics are what comprises my writing experience. So far I’ve mainly written, saved, and printed reviews in each of these topics, but never have I actually posted them for people around the globe to see. And having the privilege here amazes me. It amazes me in how I am sitting here right now, typing away thinking “Someone is going to read this hopefully and say ‘this guy sounds serious’ or ‘he sounds promising, I’ll give him a shot.'” I sure hope this goes somewhere. I’ve been writing for years, finding a way to share my passions with others.

My name is Ryan Glenn, and maybe I’ve caught someone’s attention.

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